Tour Regisration, Information, Packages & Pricing for the 2024 Dance Tour to Croatia ‐ 20 to 26 May 2024 (travel 18 to 27 May 2024)

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Registration for the SA Dance Team tour closed on 31 December 2023 and is fully booked.

Congratulations if you have qualified for the DanceStar World Dance Masters 2024 in Croatia. This is really an exceptional achievement.

The DanceStar World Dance Masters is held annually in Croatia.

The next competition will be held from 20 to 26 May 2024 (travel 18 to 27 May 2024). 

The city of Porec and its great resorts are the perfect hosts for this great competition, with its location, surroundings and a unique ability to satisfy all the needs of the competitors in one area.

Dancers from South Africa can only compete at the DanceStar World Dance Masters 2024 in Croatia by qualifying at the DanceStar South African Qualifiers OR qualifying the day before the main event in Croatia; paying for one of the affordable tour packages and touring with the team to Croatia. SADanceTalent supervises the South Africa team during the tour. 

The tour to Croatia and attending the DanceStar World Dance Masters is really a fabulous and spectacular once in a lifetime opportunity with opening ceremonies on the beach, beach parties, DanceStar Night, Award ceremonies and the most beautiful tourist destinations. However the main goal of each dancer should be to treat this as a learning curve as you broaden your dance vocabulary through workshops & observing other styles of dance from the many countries represented there. Winning a trophy or award at this level of competition will be the cherry on the top.

Please study this information page regarding the DanceStar SOUTH AFRICAN TEAM TOUR thoroughly and confirm your commitment to be part of the TOUR by registering online and paying your non-refundable deposit of R4500 per person (dancers and teachers) and R3000 per person (supporters) on or before latest 05 January 2024.

Travel Packages for dancers, teachers, supporters:

Dancers, teachers, and supporters wishing to compete and/or tour with the SA Dance Talent Team to Croatia can choose any one of the five following obligatory packages.

Travel 18 to 27 May 2024 – Croatia – DanceStar World Dance Masters

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/teacher/guardian.

The following is included in the below Packages for dancers, teachers, and supporters:

  • Accommodation in Porec, Croatia in the competition resort at a 2, 3, or 4-star hotel or apartment for 8 nights.
  • Full delicious buffet Breakfast & Dinner included every day at your hotel
  • Coach transport between the Airport (Marco Polo Airport, Venice) and the hotel/resort in Croatia with return.
  • Tickets for all days of the 2024 World Dance Maters main competition (22-26 May 2024) for dancers, teachers & supporters.
  • Backstage support and area and dressing rooms for dancers and teachers
  • Tickets for the prestigious DanceStar Night for dancers and teachers (excludes Supporters)
  • Entrance to any of the workshops for dancers & teachers
  • Dancers beach parties
  • SA Dance Team track suite tops for dancers & teachers
  • SA Dance Team dancers vests for dancers & teachers
  • Team Shirts, Backpacks & Gear for dancers and teachers
  • Team Presentation Ceremony in South Africa for all
  • SA Dance Talent Tour Management & Administration Fee

Costs Excluded:

  • Flights
  • Visa & Travel Insurance
  • Entry Fees for the DanceStar World Dance Masters as this is different for every dancer.
  • Supporter entry to watch the 0-hour Qualifier competition. (20-21 May 2024)
  • Supporter entry to watch the Gala Evening.
  • Dancer, teacher, and supporter buses/transportation to attend the Gala Evening

All prices below are per person.
Hotel rooms are shared rooms, thus 2 persons per room (excluding apartments).
Limited single room options available (additional fee). There are no triple rooms, but a stretcher bed is available from Package B to E. 
No family rooms or interleading rooms available (4 persons), you will need to take 2 rooms next to each other.

Package A : 2 Star Hotel

  • Basic hotel, very small rooms.
  • Maximum 2 people per room.
  • There is no option for 3 people in a room!
  • Includes breakfast and dinner.
  • R15,750 – Dancers & Teachers.
  • R12,750 Supporters

Package B : 3 Star Hotel

  • Great location in the resort and best value.
  • Standard rooms with very small bathrooms
  • Option of stretcher bed for a small child for 3 people in the room.
  • Includes breakfast and dinner.
  • R17,500 – Dancers & Teachers.
  • R14,500 - Supporters

Package C : 4 Star Hotel

  • Great option for more luxury.
  • Modern hotel with average size modern rooms.
  • Option of stretcher bed for a small child for 3 people in the room.
  • Includes breakfast and dinner.
  • R20,000 – Dancers & Teachers
  • R17,000 - Supporters

Package D : 4 Star Plus Hotel

  • The best accommodation option and best hotel in resort.
  • Larger rooms compared to other hotels.
  • Fantastic location and very relaxed.
  • Option of stretcher bed for a small child for 3 people in room.
  • Includes breakfast and dinner.
  • R23,500 – Dancers & Teachers.
  • R20,500 - Supporters

Package E : 4 Star All Inclusive

  • All meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • All soft drinks and LOCAL alcoholic drinks included.
  • Pool snack bar pizzas, ice cream and more available during the day.
  • Rooms are standard size, same as Package C hotel.
  • R24,000 – Dancers & Teachers
  • R21,000 - Supporters

SA Dance Tours reserves the right to proportionally adjust package prices if the Rand/Euro exchange rate increases by more than 5% from the initial publication date of these prices.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/teacher/guardian.

Deposit and payment plan:

A non-refundable deposit of R4,500 per person (dancer and teacher) and R3 000 (supporter) per person is required on or before 05 January 2024, for every dancer and supporter going on the tour.

You can either pay the tour amount upfront OR as per the below payment plan. There is no option to pay the packages at a later stage. It must either be paid upfront or as per the minimum amounts each month. Should you fall behind more than 7 days with the minimum payments, we reserve the right to suspend your tour package until payments are up to date (subject to availability then), or cancel your tour package and refund you according to the cancellation policy.

Easy Payment Plan ‐ DANCERS & TEACHERS (per person)

These are the minimum monthly payments required.

Dates Package A Package B Package C Package D Package E
05 Jan 2024 (Deposit) R4,500 R4,500 R4,500 R4,500 R4,500
02 Feb (2024) R3,000 R3,500 R4,500 R5,500 R6,000
02 Mar 2024 R3,000 R3,500 R4,500 R5,500 R6,000
02 April 2024 R3,000 R3,500 R4,500 R5,500 R6,000
02 May 2024 R2,250 R2,500 R2,000 R2,500 R1,500
TOTAL R15,750 R17,500 R20,000 R23,500 R24,000

Easy Payment Plan ‐ SUPPORTERS (per person)

These are the minimum monthly payments required.

Note that children under the age of 3 have special rates on request.

Dates Package A Package B Package C Package D Package E
05 Jan 2024 (Deposit) R3,000 R3,000 R3,000 R3,000 R3,000
02 Feb 2024 R2,500 R3,000 R4,000 R5,000 R5,500
02 Mar 2024 R2,500 R3,000 R4,000 R5,000 R5,500
02 Apr 2024 R2,500 R3,000 R4,000 R5,000 R5,500
02 May 2024 R2,250 R2,500 R2,000 R2,500 R1,500
TOTAL R12,750 R14,500 R17,000 R20,500 R21,000

Banking Details:

Acc Name : SA Dance Tours

Bank : First National Bank

Branch : Lifestyle

Branch Code : 250 655

Account# : 627 835 42759


You will receive your account ID when you register online for the tour


Flights have to be booked to Marco Polo airport (VCE) in Venice (Italy) and arrive no later than 16:00 on Sunday 19 May 2024 in Venice. The team will travel to the competition resort in Croatia by bus from Venice airport.

Dates & Transportation:

Depart Date : Saturday 18 May 2024
Arrive Venice : Sunday 19 May 2024 (no later than 16:00)

Return Date : Monday 27 May 2024 (depart no earlier than 14:00)
Arrive South Africa : Tuesday 28 May 2024

You need to make sure that you arrive in Venice no later than 16:00 on Sunday 19 May 2024, and depart from Venice to South Africa no earlier than 14:00 on Monday 27 May 2024.

On request with a large group any flights departing from Venice to South Africa before 14:00 on Monday 27 May 2024 have to be requested first to determine if the busses are able to depart earlier from Croatia.

The most important point when booking your flights is that you are at Venice airport on the correct date and time so that you can travel with the rest of the team on the pre-arranged bus transport to the resort where the competition is held in Croatia and also for the return flights.

The team will be transported from the airport at Venice to the resort in Porec/Croatia by our tour bus company and this is approximately a three and a half hour drive.

Once in Porec, most things are in walking distance. Affordable taxis, ferries, and mini trains are available for transport from the resort to the town centre. Neighbouring towns are also very accessible either via bus or by ferry.

If flying with British Airways (BA) an additional UK Transit Visa, applied for at the UK Embassy, is required per person for a connection flight from the UK to Venice.

Extending your tour

You are more than welcome to make your own travel arrangements to visit Venice before or after the Croatia tour, as the departure point to the competition resort in Croatia, is from Venice. Stay for a few nights before we leave for Croatia in this beautiful city.

Accommodation in Croatia for the 8 nights is as per the options in either the 2, 3, or 4-star hotels AND IS STRICTLY SHARED ROOMS, so 2 persons per room.

If you want to stay one person in a room there is an additional payment called the single room supplement (limited availability). The accommodation in Porec includes a buffet breakfast as well as a full delicious buffet dinner. Lunch is available at the dance venue where there is many different stalls with something to eat.

All the hotels in the resort are close to each other and not further than 500 meters from the dance venue. There is a flea market and small curio shops within the resort as well as mini grocery shops.


All the hotels are near or on the lagoon and near the beach and each has their own swimming pool.

It is very easy to use your ATM debit card and use it at any ATM in Croatia or Italy to withdraw money, or you can get Euros or a pre-loaded cash card in South Africa in advance.

Money / Currency

Croatia uses the Euro as it's currency. Croatia is still one of the less expensive European countries and day trips, souvenirs, food, etc are very affordable. Spending money of R3,000 should be enough for a dancer to buy lunch and souvenirs while in Croatia.

Team Gear & Uniform

Dancers and Teachers will receive the SA Dance Team tracksuit top, vests, bag, and various other team gear. All Dancers must wear the team outfit for the opening and award ceremonies. There is an optional supporters shirt at an additional cost.

Visa for Croatia and Italy and Travel Insurance.


ALL children under the age of 18 also requires an UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE. You cannot travel without this. All South African passport holders are required to have a visa to enter Croatia and Italy (Venice).

Mobile & Wifi

Croatian Mobile Cards are not too expensive. There is also Wi-Fi at the hotels in Croatia.

Day Trips / Getting Around

When you are not competing then we advise to go and explore the town of Porec or take a bus or ferry to one of the neighboring towns. There is so much more to do and see in Croatia.

Don't forget your camera and weather permitting your bathing costume!!!  

Finals Entry Fees

Entry fees for the DanceStar World Finals will need to be paid by beginning April 2024. More information on how this is to be paid will be sent through.

The below entry fees are based on the 2023 entry fees, as soon as the 2024 fees are available we will send it through.

Solo ‐ R1800 per solo 
Duet/Trio/Quartet ‐ R950 per competitor
Group/Formation ‐ R650 per competitor

If you would like to qualify for an extra routine or one that did not previously qualify, you need to pay the full entry fee mentioned above as well as the following qualifying fee.

The extra qualifying event will be the day before the main competition in Croatia.

For any assistance with the tour information, packages & pricing please send an email to