ESDU DanceStar World Dance Masters - South Africa Open

DanceStar World Tour - South Africa

Be part of the amazing DanceStar World Tour with the finals in Croatia

Be part of the most exciting & rewarding dance tour and competition in South Africa, Europe & the World

If you think you have what it takes to compete against the best of Europe and the World OR just want to be part of one of the most amazing dance tours then follow these easy steps to be part of the DanceStar World Tour and World Dance Masters.
Dancers from the age of 6 can enter multiple routines and for group routines with 5 or more dancers, only 50 persent of the group needs to stay the same to qualify for the finals.

To compete : Qualify at the DanceStar South Africa Open

Open to all dance schools, groups, crews and dancers from the age of 6.

Travel with the SA Team to Croatia as dancer or supporter

Very affordable dancers and supporters packages to tour with the team to Croatia.

Attend the Dancestar Finals - World Dance Masters

Experince the opening ceremony, Workshops, Beach Parties, DanceStar Night, competition from the best and more.

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